Monday, April 23, 2012

Homeschool Mind Struggle

I'm moving forward with creating an overview of what I want to teach the twinadoes for their Kindergarten year. I think, no, I know, I was meant to be an elementary school teacher or librarian because I'm having way to much fun planning and creating activities we will do. I worked in a library for 10 years and originally started college with elementary education as the goal, but life took a different road. Little did I know it would merge back up 20 years later. Reminds me of the poem, "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost.

I've struggled a lot with the thought of "will I be teaching the right things they need to know to be successful in life". The bigger question is, Who decides what the right things are? I think I've done a good job teaching them thus far. I think about the things I had to learn in school and how much of it I actually use in real life. The more I think, the more I come to terms with the fact that it is not the subject I am specifically teaching them about, but how they arrived at that learning place. Do they know how to research to find answers? Do they know how to think outside the box to get an answer or try another solution? Are they interested in it? Sure I could sit down and have them memorize facts about the Underground Railroad, but in the end is it more important to know those facts or to have a more general understanding of why an Underground Railroad was necessary.

I've also found that the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, The Natural History Museum, and Lake Metroparks have homeschool programs that we'll be incorporating into our days to give the kids an opportunity to socialize with other kids.

At any rate, we'll go our best to have as much fun learning everything MY two 5 year olds want to know and all the things I feel they need to know.

The lesson planning continues......