Thursday, August 26, 2010

How To Juggle This?

It has become apparent that people other than me (and my family) like the photographs I take. I'll tell you, I love doing it. A couple of weeks ago, I did an informal shoot with two beautiful 8 month olds and after rolling around on the grass for an hour, I got in the car and called my BFF and told her I finally found something work-wise that made me happy.

So, I've decided to pursue this passion and try to make others happy with beautiful, casual images and make a little money at it.

My to juggle this with two three year olds and their ever-growing schedule of activities? Evenings & weekends are not usually a problem because my husband is very good about giving me time. It's the weekday daytimes that I am thinking about. I can't book them in daycare since it would be sporadic. The neighborhood girls are back in school.

How do you parents do it when you work "out of the house" and need time to work when your partner is not available?

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  1. Craigslist! Look and meet with people that want drop-in care, or are flex. There is also, and they offer background checks (if you have to pay let me know because I have a free military account you can search on.) Good luck, I DO love your photos, and I think you can really do well, doing something you love. :)