Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sick Kids

Nolan got sick on Friday. We made a trip to the doctor on Saturday, but it was determined to be viral and we just had to wait it out.....and wait for the other twin to get it, because let's face it, as twins they do share just about everything.

To prove my point, Reagan got sick on Tuesday.

They have missed gymnastics, swimming, and their usual Wednesday lunch with Aunt Deb. I don't take them out when they are like this.

 I wish other parents did the same.

I can probably tell you the exact moment Nolan got the germ. I dropped them in childwatch at the Y last Wednesday and a little girl promptly sneezed on him. She was coughing into her hands and then playing, just like kids do. She had no business being there and I'm sure the adult that brought her in that day knew that as well. I saw her in the cardio room chatting with her friends about how glad she was for a break from her kids coughing! Sure I'd like to be doing my weekly swimming workouts, but I have not been able to do that this week because I will not take my kids, who are ill, to a public place to infect more people.

I know germs can't be avoided, but a little common sense from ADULTS goes a long to keep our kids from getting sick.

Common sense, people. Besides washing hands and coughing into the elbow, KEEP YOUR SICK KIDS HOME!

At least the weather has been awful. It makes staying the house a little easier. If it were nice and sunny, I'd be thinking about how we were missing a chance to use our Farmpark or Zoo membership.

What fun indoor things do you with your kids when they are sick?

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  1. UGH That makes me CRAZY!
    I am the same as you- I keep my sickies home. Why is it so hard for parents?