Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Lessons

Well, homeschooling is well under way, but then again it always is at our house. Learning is 24-7 for us.

We have been focusing on fall stuff and incorporating that into our daily handwriting practices and spelling words. We have done some experiments with apples, which really stuck with the kids. They talk about it all the time. We cut up an apple, left one piece out on a plate, covered one slice with lemon juice, and submerged the other in water. We observed them and noted which one turned brown the fastest and talked about why.

We wrapped up our lessons with a little field trip to the apple orchards to soak up the fall colors and get some apples.

We are so lucky to have both Patterson's & Sage's (pictured below) Fruit Farms so close.

We missed U-Pick season this year, but it is on the agenda for next year.

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