Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The twinadoes birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but I put the parties off for a couple of weeks in hopes of better weather. Of course, I completely forgot about the midge invasion we get every year towards the end of May. Oh well, it still worked out to be pretty decent weather and the midge nuisance didn't get too bad until the sun went down.

The first party, the "kid" one, was at Memphis Kiddie Park. If you have a kid that is under 50 inches tall and haven't gone there yet, what are you waiting for? It is so much fun! The evening party was a BBQ at our house.

I am lucky to have an Uncle I have always been close to. He moved to TX many years ago, but we still get to see him several times a year. Back in my single days, I would go to TX for a week or two at a time and we would have the time of our lives.

A couple of months back, he called to find out about the kids birthday celebration so he could plan a trip around it. That in itself is touching to me, but this is what took the cake for me. 
When UB arrived at Memphis Kiddie Park, my kids ran into his arms with giggles and kisses and tears for me.

My kids never met either of their Grandfathers.It is something that makes me sad on a regular basis, but I am so glad that they have other males in their life that mean so much to them, my UB included.

What was your kids favorite birthday party?


  1. What in the world is a midge?

  2. bugs that hatch out of the lake every spring, right around Memorial Day weekend. They last a couple of weeks. They say it is a sign that the lake is healthy when there are a lot of them. There are A TON this year!