Monday, May 3, 2010

Mommy Tip Monday

To remove silly putty from clothing, use some hand sanitizer on top of the putty and then turn the clothing inside out and use some on the back of the stain. Gently scrap with fingernail to remove. I then used a little dishwashing soap to get any residue out.

Test on a small hidden area first.

Putting it in the freezer overnight does not work. Trust me.

What's your magic tip for removing stains?


  1. Blood will magically come out of carpet (maybe other things too) with hydrogen peroxide! It just bubbles up and disappears :)

  2. Dawn dishwashing liquid works magic on getting oil out of clothing. I have had it work well getting oil spatters out of t-shirts even after the first wash and drying. I never thought I could get oil out of a t-shirt once it set after washing and drying it but the Dawn took it right out.

  3. @Anon- It doesn't take the color out of the carpet?!

    @Diane- I'm amazed at the commercials for Dawn that show them cleaning up all the animals affected by the oil spill. I didn't think it would work after drying though, good to know all is not lost!

  4. It didn't out of mine - and I used it down the hallway and on all the stairs. Now that I think of it, I also used it on a spot on a recliner and it came right out of that too! (and no color change/damage to anything)

  5. Had to let you know that only a few hours after reading your Mommy Tip about getting silly putty out of clothing, the information saved my neighbors suede couch...and her daugther's life! It worked like a charm! The hand sanitizer made the silly putty just melt away!
    PS - tell Bill Amy P. says HI!

  6. @Amy- Timing is everything, huh?! I like when that happens. Glad your neighbors couch is putty free. I will pass along your message!