Monday, May 10, 2010

Twinadoes Turn Three

Today the twinadoes are three.

All the cliches are true. Time DOES fly.

They are not babies anymore. They literally seem to grow overnight. Clothes that fit a week ago are too short & tight.

They have huge vocabularies. We get told that at least 5 times a week by strangers.

They can count to 20 in English and to 10 in Spanish.

Nolan is trying his best at the potty.

As for personalities, they are opposites.

Nolan is the sweetest soul I've ever met. He is kind, giving, totally huggable, and a sweet, sweet boy. He is compassionate, shares well (most of the time), and is gentle. If he stays this way, he will grow into a man I will prouder than I ever imagined I could be. He likes people (sometimes too much, which scares me.) He has the hardiest laugh I've ever heard for a little kid.

Right now his career ambition is to be a conductor of a train.

Which brings us to what Nolan likes. Thomas the Train is it as far as shows. Nolan loves to sing and you will hear him process a song while he listens. He picks up the beat very well and after hearing it about 3 times, he will start to sing along. Besides Duran Duran he likes Oasis, Johnny Cash, and a few oldies that he listens to with my mom. Downtown by Petula Clark, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles.

He is rarely without a smile which puts one on my face when there are days I don't think I can muster one.

Reagan is the leader. Born first, she is in charge. She takes a little more time to warm up to you, but when she does; she will be your bestie for life. She has a stubborn streak a mile wide, but has another side that is a loveable little girl. She has the best giggle. She is funny and likes to make jokes. Reagan gives THE best bear hugs in the world. Without fail that hug can turn my bad day around.

Sometimes Reagan says she wants to be a librarian, but I have my sights set higher for Reagan. She needs to be in charge. Who knows, maybe she'll be President!

Reagan loves arts & crafts. That is probably her favorite thing to do. She stamps, colors, and glues her way through any classes we take and then wants to continue at home. She colors in the line very well and has a clear idea of what color things must be.

Reagan (as well as Nolan) lovse the water. Kalahari is the place to be. She is very brave in the water and I bet by the end of the summer, she will be swimming on her own. She is tall enough to walk the whole pool at the Y. Hard to believe they were only 9 months old when they started swimming classes.

It seems like just yesterday they smiled for the first time, rolled over, crawled, and even began to walk. Now they run, hop, gallop, and march all over the places.

They are Explores. Adventurers. Experimenters.

Best of all, they are mine.

To laugh with.

To teach.

To learn from.

To love.


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